Offshoring Business Process Outsourcing

TBS Global is an Australian- Philippines business process outsourcing (BPO) which specialises in data management, order management, logistic process outsourcing, IT support level 1 2 3 and outsourcing in financial services and US tax preparation.

Benefits of Australian BPO in the Philippines

Benefits of outsourcing with TBS Global​

TBS Global benefits from having its own operating center in Ortigas, Philippines for several key strategic reasons.

  • Business practices complaint with world standards
  • Integration of global best practices
  • Benefit from the labor code for BPO in the Philippines
  • Integrate global data privacy act in the Philippines
  • Affiliated with Professional Institutes

Outsourcing of key processors and non core business activities has become a critical part of business management. The key factors considered by businesses for outsourcing remain:

  • Mitigation of risk associated with in-house operations
  • Ability to scale up solution rapidly
  • Access Skilled Labor Force


In a rapidly changing business environment, solutions must meet the specific stages of your business. TBS Global has developed solutions which cater for these business demands. Our solutions enables our clients to integrate outsourcing as part of their business strategy with a strong focus on:

  • Correct structure for business need (Managed solution, Talent solutions or Seat lease) 
  • Visibility and control 
  • Input on selection of offshore staffing Philippines
  • Cost savings 

Managed Services

Specialist teams supported by an experienced operations management team. Integrated with complete IT and work environment solutions

SME Shared Services

Shared service platform for Australian SME - access to professional services for small business owners

Talent Services

New to Outsourcing? If you want to "test the waters"- hire one of our experienced staff members to work directly with you (电子货币交易平台官网home or office based)

Seat Leasing

Bring your own team and plug and play in a secure, professional business environment


Financial Solutions

Proven solutions for lending & factoring, payroll, debt collection, accounting & bookkeeping and tax returns.

Logistic Solutions

TBS Global provides customised solutions for logistics, transport and supply chain industries

Online Industry

Integrated solutions in customer care, back office data, order management and invoice management

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